my babies

my babies

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Show and Tell

I told y'all a while back that Megan was an agriculture science major at NC State. All year long she brought home plants and seeds for me to take care of for her. I am terrible with plants for the most part. I did kill her two orchids but the rest survived. I now have a purple leaf plum tree in my front yard that Megan grafted. I have a Kentucky coffee tree that is growing great in a pot. I have several petunias and other flowers she started in peat pots that are getting really big. But the best is her garden. We took the old sandbox and my daddy put some lime, fertilizer and soil in it to prepare it for her plants. She grew her own zebra tomato plants from seed and transplanted them in the garden. We have cucumber, cantaloupe and squash going great. We planted watermelon too but it isn't up yet. I am so proud of all her efforts and we can't wait to reap all the benefits!

One of her tomato plants. I love tomato sandwiches!

This is a look at the whole thing. Small but productive.

This little squash is wanting to be rolled in cornmeal batter and fried. Yum!!

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Missy said...

Mmmmm- I love gardening, but I'm partial to flowers. We do have zucchini, tomato and sunflower (seed) edibles because I love for the children to witness food growing and then enjoy it on the table.

Have a great summer!