my babies

my babies

Thursday, June 23, 2011


Last night I hosted the College and Career Sunday School Class at my home for their summer Bible study. They go from volunteer home to volunteer home each Wednesday night throughout the summer to visit and have a devotional time together. They are so precious! I wish they would come here every week. Last night during their praise and prayer request time it struck me that each of them that made a request was for some kind of change in their lives. More school, better jobs, a job, wedding plans, relational issues and so on. You get the gist. They were on the whole ...dissatisfied with their current circumstances. This is not a bad thing, we all get this way. The older adults present all told them that they will always desire something different. But, is this a God-thing? Why are we such dissatisfied people? This past week has been so sad in our little community. A man I went to school with, used to double date, with killed himself. He was one of the kindest men I have ever met. But he was in such a pit of despair that he was just blinded by it and in a moment was gone. Dissatisfaction in its extreme. Why do we always want more, better (we think), different? The Bible tells me we are to be content with little or much. This applies to food, clothes, housing issues, friendships etc... When I look at Piper I see someone who is basically satisfied all the time. Why shouldn't she be? All her needs are met. When she is hungry she is fed. When she is sleepy she sleeps. She has got this whole thing figured out. She doesn't know that someone else has more or better or anything. She is happy with what she has. When do we lose this? As adults we want what someone else has or does or goes or whatever. Suddenly our life is not so hot so we want something different. Sadly, the new of different wears off and we are back to square one. God will meet all our needs. He promises that to His children. Our needs. In Psalms it tells me to "delight myself in the Lord and He will give me the desires of my heart." Does this mean He will give me what I want??? No. When I delight (which means to pour over and greatly love) in Him (His word) I will see the desires of my heart ( a deceitful thing) change to what He desires in me. In other words...He will change my want to. He alone satisfies. Not stuff. Not people. Not jobs. When my desires are His desires every job is a joy, every house a home (big difference there), every relationship fruitful. Life is just satisfying when we allow God to work our issues out instead of forging ahead leaving a trail of dissatisfaction behind. My memory verse for this last half of the month is this:

Romans 12:2 NLT
Don't copy the behavior and customs of this world, but let God transform you into a new person by changing the ways you think.

Good words to listen and apply.

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Missy said...


You are so right that we, I, am often seeking change and not resting in comntentment. May God grant us that peace and our minds not be conformed to the world's patter of M-O-R-E.