my babies

my babies

Monday, June 27, 2011

Right Now

Right now I am typing away while I wait for a lemon pound cake to finish baking. The recipe says one hour and five minutes but I have never baked a pound cake in my life that hasn't stayed in my oven for an hour and a half. I am taking it to the secretaries at my church. They work very hard and are always so sweet to me when I ask a favor or need some copies or whatever I bug them about. I do have an ulterior motive though. I need some copies of a new lesson book for my Sunday School class to begin in two weeks. It is called "Simply Fragrance". It is all about the fragrance we as believers are sending up to God. Very good stuff. I am excited! Also, we have a special speaker this week at church on Bible prophecy and eschatology or end time events. I like that word...eschatology. Sounds really smart!! He has a Q/A time before he speaks and I am hoping I see him at church so I can ask him something because I know I will not get called on at church tonight. Bless his heart he only got to answer three questions last night and there were so many more people wanted to ask. He is a very smart and funny man. His knowledge of scripture is amazing to listen to. He spoke last night on what is happening right now in Jerusalem and all over the middle east. He told us more information than I could retain on the hows,whys,wheres of Islam and their faith. He really helped me to understand the ancient maps of the Bible. Some of the names have been changed in our modern world and I am so glad to know where places like Put and Cush really are today. Tonight he will be talking about the location of the garden of Eden. It is really exciting stuff. We live in a great time for knowledge and information. Sometimes I feel so ignorant of my world and what is going on right now in various places. I am just so glad that I serve a God who loves me ... right now and later too!

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mimito5 said...

Hi Cindy :) Was browsing through "Faithful Bloggers" and came upon your blog. His Mercies are new everyday! I thank God for your post about prophecy and especially things that are going on in Israel right now. We live in a very exciting time! When we can actually see a lot of prophecy taking place before our eyes:) Thank you for your post, would love for you to visit my blog sometime:) Sincerely, Kathy