my babies

my babies

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day 2011

This was my first Mother's Day as a "Grandmother". It was fabulous. I have so many great memories of Mother's Day in the past. From sweet cards made in Sunday school to home grown marigolds in styrofoam cups nurtured in school windows to bring running to my car in the pick up line with smiles from ear to ear. Breakfasts made for me by teenagers, to cards and a quick wave to run out the door to some other thing. Doesn't really matter. At the end of the day both my girls have always said, "I love you, Mom...Happy Mother's Day." I have a great memories of my own mama. She is the best. She loves her girls to pieces and all her grandgirls too! We are a big ole girl lovin' family. Motherhood is hard...real hard. To let them grow and learn and fail and succeed and fail and cry and celebrate is exhausting. From waiting up, to getting up early for this and that is exhausting. The endless listening to their concerns, questions that you can't answer, opinions they do not want to hear and the endless stream of , "No", from your mouth. Will they ever know how you hate saying no for what seems like all the time? But...Motherhood is also so rewarding. The endless "Watch me, Mom", smiles that light up your day, goodnight kisses, rocking a sleeping baby, seeing the world through their eyes, all the ballgames, recitals, concerts, plays, parties, proms, dates gone bad and dates that lead to rings. Watching your daughter become a bride. Seeing your baby graduate with awards from college. Seeing dreams come true. Watching others fade away, change or just die. Yes, motherhood is hard but thank heaven that we serve a God who will equip us to the task. Easy, it isn't but worth it? You bet.

This is the best gift ever!

Me, my mama and my sister, Becky.

Megan, me, my mama with Piper and Erica.

A sweet first-time mommy on Mother's Day.

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