my babies

my babies

Monday, April 18, 2011


This past weekend I went with several ladies of my church to Asheville, NC for a retreat conference. My church is a missions based church and this conference is an annual event. Asheville is a lovely town with lots going on. Quaint shops, great food and funky little stores with neat stuff. On Friday we walked all over downtown Asheville. That night our conference started with praise and worship music and then some really dynamic speakers. Our first speaker, Debbie, is a missionary to Papua, Indonesia. She was hilarious with her stories of such a different culture. But she also moved each of us to tears with her heart for a people group who do not know of Jesus. Her family is doing a great work for our Lord over in that land. The next day we, my dear friend Kelley and I, went to Black Mountain to walk around and see what was going on there. It is a cute little town too. So many great shops and such nice people. We headed back to the retreat center and listened to another night of great music and wonderful speakers. They had a Parade of Nations that day too that made me sob my eyes right out. Many, many ladies have given 40 plus years to foreign lands to tell the people of Jesus. So many hardships. Separation from family, poverty, disease, fear, doubt and many more obstacles. But not one would trade a day of their journey. One lady said she missed her mother so much and it hurt to see her only once every few years or so but she would spend eternity with her mom and these people need Jesus now. What a sacrifice they give to our God who sacrificed His only son....for us. I took no photos of the missionaries because some are in countries where it is dangerous for them to be identified as missionaries for God. But below are some of the sites we saw. Enjoy!

A funky wrought iron twisted pie that looks great in this planter. This was outside a shop in Black mountain, NC

The view from the foot of a cute pottery shop. They had a goldfish pond with a waterfall in the front. So pretty!

A view from the top of the mountain at the Ridgecrest Retreat Center in Asheville, NC. This was the pond that is near the prayer garden of the retreat center. So peaceful and beautiful.

A shot of downtown Asheville. It is really a great city with lots to offer.

This I took inside and antiques store that Kelley and I popped in to look around. This is one of our favorite things in the world. Dishes! She loves glassware and dishes as much as I do.

This is my friend Kelley. We are in the French Broad Chocolate Lounge. It was a great place. I love this girl! She has been such a prayer warrior for me over the past couple of years. I could not have gone through this past year without her help, tears, love and support. One of the themes this weekend was "leaving deep footprints". The big, deep, squishy ones that make a really loud sucking sound when you pull your foot up and out. The kind of prints that really leave a mark. Kelley has left that kind of print in my life. A few others have too. I desire to leave those kind of prints in others lives. To make a spiritual impact that leaves an imprint. On my daughters, my grand daughter and my future grandchildren. On younger women that are up and coming and to my sister/friends. It was a wonderful weekend full of tears and extreme laughter. One that I so needed and am so glad Kelley made me go!!

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