my babies

my babies

Saturday, March 26, 2011

A Spring Day

This week spring came to our little community. This past Thursday was so warm and nice. Piper, Penny and I played outside all afternoon. I love nice, warm days. Love them! Today on the other hand is a cloudy cold day with a chance of rain all weekend. Tomorrow the high is 45. That's like winter!!!! So I was looking back at the pictures I took this week and these were so sweet. I am hoping for much warmer weather next week because I love being outdoors and so does Piper. I did finish my photography class this week and I did learn so much about taking photos and about my camera. I hope that my photos improve as I post more and more. Taking them outside is so much more fun!

Penny loves her soccer ball.

Piper loves this rattle. She shakes it all the time.

Penny loves sticks too! Rolling around is so fun!!

Piper found Penny hilarious! She laughs and laughs at all the dogs in her life!

Hope it is nice where y'all are this weekend!

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The 'Ssippi Scoop said...

Thank you for your sweet comment. It is just sooo overwhelming to know what is right, what is wrong, who is right, who is wrong, etc.

Piper iss a cutie. Love that face!!