my babies

my babies

Friday, March 4, 2011

I Like

I got home later than usual from my photography class last night and missed the first 45 minutes of American Idol. But my sweet girl,Megan called me on my phone and gave me the play by play!! Exciting lives, huh?? She loves the show too. I was very pleased with all the picks. My favorites made it in the top 10 and there really isn't anyone I don't enjoy hearing sing. Time will tell.

I learned SO much last night at the class. I have a "photoshoot" assignment this week that I have to email in to the instructor. He is a really nice older gentleman who is the most patient man with this class of dummies. I mean that in a loving way because we are all in that class really struggling with these new-fangled fancy cameras! Ollie, the instructor, even brought in the director of the entire photography school for a question and answer session last night. Poor guy! We all had a hundred questions and he answered everyone. One lady raised her hand and said what I was thinking. "Can you dumb this down for me??" Amen sister, amen. Well, he did and then the light came on!! I was so excited to finally get it. I almost heard a click in my head. I knew the definitions of ISO, aperture, shutter speed and the like but putting them into use and knowing when to pick what...well it was amazing. I am still struggling with the math of photography. If I had known math would have been involved I would have skipped this class. I like photography but dislike math. Really, really dislike math. But anyway, I can't wait to send my photos in and get the critique from the instructors. Photography really is art they explained. You can do so much with lighting and colors. It really is artful and captures the souls of your subjects. Sounds really classy.

I am having a friend over for dinner tomorrow night and then we are going to Hobby Lobby to look around. To be the "anticraft" I sure am embracing these craft places here lately. If you see me stamping or heaven forbid picking up any kind of needle to start sewing,knitting and/or crocheting please, please call 911 immediately. I'll need commitment papers drawn up right away!

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