my babies

my babies

Saturday, March 5, 2011

7 Months Old

On Friday Piper turned 7 months old. Her first year is just going so fast. She is growing and changing every single day. Here are some stats for you sugarpie! You can sit up really well all by yourself. You are so busy!! You are not crawling yet but you roll wherever you want to go instead. I am not sure you will really crawl because you do not like your tummy at all. You are fascinated by dogs and cats. You hold your little hands out and just jabber away at all our pets. You are the sweetest baby. I say that not just as your Mimi and I am partial, but you really are. You weigh 17 lbs and you are 24 1/2 inches long. You are getting so big!! You love eating and so far have liked almost everything you have tried except avocados and potatoes. I think it is a texture thing myself. You will learn to love 'taters in this family! You went to the doctor on Friday for a shot and you were a little cranky because your little leg hurt.

Resting on your froggie made you feel a little better.

You were just not happy to have your picture made today!

Sometimes all a girl needs is a frog prince by her side!!

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