my babies

my babies

Friday, February 4, 2011


Dear Piper,

You have reached a milestone. You are six months old today. A half year. Wow. You can sit up all by yourself. You weigh 17 lbs and 11 oz and are 26 inches long. You drool all the time but no teeth yet. You hold your own bottle at times for me but mommy is still nursing. You light up whenever your mommy or daddy come in the room. You are reaching for people whenever they wiggle their fingers for you to come to them. You are such a friendly baby. You laugh and smile all the time. You are still a cat napper during the day but sleep wonderfully at night. You like to eat everything you have tried so far. You really like fruits and carrots. You love to hear songs and really love to hear Aunt Megan sing "Love Me Do" by the Beatles. "Jesus Loves Me" is also a real favorite. You smile every time I say "Yes! Jesus loves you!" You are the best blessing we could have ever asked for!

What a sweetie....

You and your Frog Prince!

You are getting bigger than him really quick!!

I love you more each and every day. I am praying for you daily that God directs your steps and am praying for your future. I am also praying for whatever young man someday will come and take you for his bride. That he be a Godly man that will know how precious you are.


Your Mimi

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