my babies

my babies

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Early Pick

Okey Dokey... I am going way out there and picking this guy for a top ten on American Idol. I flat out love this guy. He is only 19 years old!!! Seriously??!! So talented. I say I am going to boycott this show every year and this year I struggled but I have to say I am loving the show and the judges. I truly did not want to like Steven Tyler but....he is so nice! Jennifer Lopez is gorgeous. That skin!! Too pretty. And of course Randy Jackson just makes me grin. So, I will keep you filled in on my likes and dislikes of this season of A.I. Next week The Beatles...I am not a fan but maybe there will be a few standouts.



Tracy said...

I love him too... I like his voice. However I like Steven he just has a potty mouth....

Melanie said...

I love the new judges! This is my favorite season so far!!