my babies

my babies

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

A Born Fan

Just in case you do not live in North Carolina and you don't have a clue about the HUGE rivalry between Duke University Blue Devils and the UNC Tarheels....where have you BEEN?????? They play each other tonight and it is a ginormous event. Bigger than big. You either love one team and hate the other or you are no fan of either. My mother is the biggest Duke fan ever. EVER. Most of our family are Duke fans. Right now I am pulling for the NC State Wolfpack because my daughter, Megan, attends that school. I am one of those non-fan people. Erica's husband, Blake, and his whole family are huge UNC Tarheel fans. His grandmother is the biggest Carolina fan ever. EVER. So the battle ensues between the two great-grandmas. Below are a few photos of the team that my little grand daughter is supporting.

Piper and Grammy in their matching shirts. Piper is a "Duke Girl"

I can assure you that Piper is the best in the world... to me!!

I am ssssooooo sowwy Grandma Faye!!!!

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Erica said...

The last pic is the best...sorry Grandma Faye!