my babies

my babies

Monday, February 28, 2011


Yesterday was my birthday. It was a good one too. I got a fabulous pecan pie (my fave!) from my sweet friend Janet at work on Friday. I had my whole family over Saturday night for dinner. I cooked for them and it was great! I love cooking and I love feeding a big crowd. My niece, Brittany, and her fiance came too so that made it even nicer. On Sunday my wonderful daughters cooked lunch for me and we spent the day together just talking, laughing and playing with Piper. My mom gave me the greatest gift. Makeup!! I absolutely love makeup and even though I have a ton...I love getting it all the same. She also gave me the sweetest card that made me cry and I will keep it forever. I have always adored cards and I know that I take great pains in picking them out for other people. My Sunday School class gave me a sweet card too. Megan always gives me a homemade card. I love those best because she really puts a lot of effort and time in them. She is a pretty good artist too. Erica gave me a new tea kettle that is the loveliest shade of green. She knows that is my favorite color. Birthdays, as you get older have a different meaning. I really don't care about expensive gifts but I do like to know that I am thought about. I don't just mean crossing someones mind either. I mean really, really thought about. It takes time to get to know what someone really likes and doesn't like. It takes an effort to make their favorite cake or pie. Pie is my own personal choice over cake every time. It takes true, genuine love for someone to go that extra inch or mile to place a smile on their lips that whispers, "They really know me..." I realize that sometimes things get in our way of doing and preparing for birthdays and other events in our life. But the people in my life that I truly cherish I always try to do a little more for them. If it only is just wrapping their gift in their favorite color paper. You don't have to spend a lot of money either. I gave my sister on her birthday a big jug of fabric softener and detergent that she is crazy about!! Sounds like a dumb gift but she was thrilled! It doesn't really matter what you long as it comes from your heart they will love it.

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Erica said...

Glad you had a good birthday I love you!