my babies

my babies

Monday, January 3, 2011

Getting Shredded?

One of my usual "resolutions" is to lose weight. Is that familiar to anyone else???? I vow and promise every year of my life to drop 20 pounds but I usually give up because I just love eating!!! I really do love the whole act of eating. The shopping for it, the prep work, the cooking and the glorious feeling of a full tummy. Mmmm... Mmmm... Good! So, as I have gotten...more mature in my years I have found that my tummy keeps that full feeling hanging around and around and around. As I have watched my waistline expand I have also watched my oldest girl lose all her baby weight (in four lousy months!!!) doing Jillian Michael's "30 Day Shred". Yes, the same Jillian Michael of "The Biggest Loser" show. She is relentless to say the least. But oh so effective. Now, for the past week I have watched my youngest girl do this dvd torture. She is so slim anyway but she wants to "tone up". Whatever, I really just want to lay around and eat candy while I watch Paula Deen make candy. Well, tonight I just did my first day of the 30 days. I am picking out my coffin tomorrow. If I wake up that is. I am praying we are all fat in heaven. And that we eat real butter, drink whole milk and eat cake and pie at every meal. Take that Jillian!!!

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Tracy said...

Love the new blog look, Let me know how that goes, as soon as I can walk straight for 2 weeks I am getting back to my routine.