my babies

my babies

Tuesday, January 18, 2011


If you will take a look to your right you will see a playlist posted. If you are not deaf you can actually hear the songs I placed in the playlist. This took me approximately 412 hours to accomplish. To say that it was quite frazzling is a huge understatement. Blogging can be so frustrating for dolts like me. I am really not very savvy at computer stuff. Not at all. Oh, I can pretend with the best of them but when the rubber meets the road....I have a flat tire. Four flats to be exact. Going nowhere, fast. I am getting better but it is just so infuriating for me to get to where I want to be. Loading pictures took me six months to figure out. Now I have to remember to place them in backwards order so I start out with the actual first photo in the first spot!!! I am sure there is an easier way. I just don't know it. Until then, I hope you enjoy these songs. They are some of my favorites. Because I may never figure out how to change them.

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