my babies

my babies

Monday, January 10, 2011


Well, It is snowing and sleeting here and I have watched "Law & Order" 100 times today, watched "Intervention" (which I am so addicted to...does this mean I need an intervention???) and ate my weight in junk food with the exception of the baked sweet potato I had for supper. The butter and brown sugar on it were just for visual enhancement only. I ate them too...I had to confess. So in my bonkers state of mind I have changed around my blog page about a zillion times today. This is in hopes of attracting more that is gonna work!! So, while I am waiting for the next episode of "Intervention" to start I thought I would list some things I am afraid of or just plain out don't like. How is that for good reading material??

1. bears...I am flat out afraid of being mauled by a bear. Not just any bear either but Kodiak bears. They live on Kodiak Island in Alaska so a rogue one probably will not break free and ramble down to North Carolina to maul me...but you never know.

2. clowns... they are just creepy and drive little cars.

3. little cars... they are just creepy and haul multiple clowns.

4. women over 40 who dress like they are under 20... need I say more??? I don't fear these, I don't like this all

5. handling raw meat... this is a combo one, I fear it and I don't like it

6. the circus... this stems a little from the clown thing but essentially my a.d.d. kicks in and I find it overwhelming to watch three separate rings of events and give each one the attention it deserves. I know, I know...I am weird.

7. rats... I hate rats and I am super-duper afraid of them. Yuckos with a capital Yuck!

8. confrontation... this is a deep fear and one I need to overcome because sometimes it is just necessary.

9. "professional" wrestling... I hate this, really. I find it completely obscene and feel it should just plain out be removed from television.

10. motorcycles... If you ever see me on one, call 911 immediatley. I have been kidnapped. Same thing goes if you ever see me in the cab of a transfer truck.

I am sure these are tidbits of knowledge that y'all really wanted to know. I just hope that tomorrow brings out a little better weather so I can at least venture out. And I won't be going to the circus either.

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Tracy said...

I agree with you on #4, however my sister tells me I dress like our grandmother did,
#7 I don't know why God created them
#9 that and cage fighting, who really thinks this is good for ones mind.
I do have to say, put me on a motorcycle anyday....