my babies

my babies

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Just Chillin'

Hey Y'all,

Today has been a cold, dreary Sunday. The weather this week is going to be frigid, to say the least. The high Monday & Tuesday is 31 degrees!!! Wake me up in July. Piper hung out here with me and Megan today along with her mommy and daddy. We ate some yummy potato soup for lunch. It was very fitting for the day. Then Megan rushed back to school to study for her exams this week. I know she is working hard and will do really well on these last two exams. Below are a few photos of Piper from today.

Piper hung out in her swing in her favorite outfit....her birthday suit! (plus a diaper)

I put Piper's new fur hat on her head for a photo. Notice Penny smelling her in the background. Nosy dog!

Just chillin' and watching the Carolina Panthers lose for like the 88th time this year.

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