my babies

my babies

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Here are a few shots from Christmas day.

Erica and Piper. It is starting to snow!!!1 Piper's first Christmas is going to be a white one!!!

Megan and Penny. I am sure Penny will be so glad all this is over!! Between the decorations and the moving of stuff around the house she is just frazzled!!

Piper just likes the paper.

My family of girls. I don't know what we will do if we ever get a boy!!

My two sweet girls and me. I love these girls to pieces!!

Erica, Megan and Piper....a whole new experience for all of us. I want to build wonderful memories for this little girl.

I hope each of you had a blessed and wonderful Christmas. Mine was a split between lots of noise and family to quiet and alone. A hard Christmas for sure but it was much easier than I thought. I am just thankful to the Lord that He is with me and I am never truly alone. Neither are you....

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