my babies

my babies

Monday, December 13, 2010

Christmas at my house

Hey Y'all,

Today over at she is asking us to show our Christmas decorations. I love, love, LOVE Christmas decorations. Normally I put up 12 - 18 trees. It is a sickness, I know. Most are 5 to 6 foot alpine trees that I decorate and place in groupings in each room. But...this year I have decided to do things a little different. I put up one big tree and just a few others. Below are some photos I just took.

First off, I got this in the mail today for Piper. This is a Christmas dress for next year. I adore smocking and the Nativity scene at the collar is so pretty and hard to find on clothes.

Inside my tree I hide two snow owls. A baby and a mommy. This is the baby.

This is the mommy owl. These things scare my Megan to death. She is sure they are watching her at all times.

This is a little arrangement on top of my piesafe in the kitchen.

Here is the fireplace. I do the mantle different each year.

This is my main Christmas tree. I have wrapped zero presents this year.

Here is how I top my tree. I kind of create a different look each year with all kinds of flowers and sprays and I use a bunch of feathers too.

This is jeweled fruit display I created on my buffet in my formal dining room. I really like jeweled fruit. I keep some of it out all year long.

I did my table this year in silver and black. the room is more of a golden hued room but I really wanted to use the silver.

This is a tiny tree by my front door.

This is a little group at the entrance of my foyer.

On a buffet in the kitchen I placed my Dickens's Village pieces. I wish I had a bunch of these pieces.

I hope each of you have a blessed Christmas this year.




~Jamie Kubeczka~ said...

Your tree is beautiful!

Joyce said...

Visiting from Kellys....That dress with the smocking is just too too sweet!

Anonymous said...

Your christmas tree is amazing, love the topper. Visiting from the Nester's tour of homes.