my babies

my babies

Monday, December 6, 2010

Catching Up & Stuff

Hey Y'all!

Once again, I have had some computer problems and have not been posting a thing! I have a slew of pictures that I have taken but I am only posting a few (ha ha). First of all I am terrible about putting photos in order. Of course I selected all wrong and put them in backwards order but that is okay since all of them are about a week apart anyway! First up, this is what we had come our way this past Saturday!

Is this not just beautiful??? I really love snow. It is just so quiet and cleansing and whispers to my soul tender words that just soothe.

Piper and her Mimi in her new Christmas dress that I had made for her with her name embroidered on it with her initial.

Piper and her sweet Aunt Megan! Both are just sweetie pies to me!

Piper and her mommy! They were off to see Santa.

Here is my little Piper at her four month old birthday with her froggie. She has grown so much!!!

Piper's funny daddy throwing her frog at her!!

Not funny daddy, not funny at all.

Erica and Piper leaving my house. Both look so cute in their hats.

I couldn't resist! This is one of Piper's Christmas presents. She really wanted to sit in this frog bouncer and of course I am such a push-over I said, " Yes!!"

This baby has me pegged....and she knows it!

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Tracy said...

That last picture makes me think she is telling herself, I have this woman wrapped around my little finger......