my babies

my babies

Thursday, November 18, 2010

In a Tizzy

Hey Y'all,

I am in a big ole tizzy!! At my church we have a "Ladies Hospitality Banquet" each fall. This is where we set up 35 - 40 round tables that each seat eight guests. There is a host lady who invites seven other friends or family, all ladies of course. We have a marvelous meal, Godly speaker and worshipful music to soothe your spirit. Each host lady decorates her table as she sees fit. She can do it fancy or she can do it plainer. fun!! This is by far my FAVORITE thing we do at my church. I love this banquet. It plants so many seeds of the truth of Jesus Christ and every year many ladies rededicate or come to know the LORD, which is our only goal. There is no competition here. The tizzy part comes in here. I am decorating four tables. I have got everything set up except I did forget my drinking glasses....good grief! I even just got back from town in a search for wrapped pats of butter. Who knew they would be so hard to find??? Every one's table is just gorgeous. Really breathtaking. I love to see china patterns that have been passed down from grandmother, to mother, to daughter. I hope to do that for my grand daughters one day. I love to sit back after we eat a wonderful meal and listen to a gifted singer lift her voice to the heavens in pure praise. Every year I sit and laugh my head off and then wipe all my makeup off with tears from the testimony and stories from our speakers. We have had some wonderful ones in the years past. This event means so much to me because it is the one thing I can really contribute to in working for the LORD. I love entertaining and this is like a big ole dinner party with 300 guests! All the men in our church wear fancy cummerbunds and wait on the tables...classy! It is so much fun and yet I know it is just a tiny glimmer of heaven. Can you imagine dinners in heaven?? I know we will be eating there so don't even think you won't! I am sure we will have old fashioned dinners on the ground and long banquet hall style dinners and on and on and on. Think, while down here on earth we prepare dinners for people so that they can enjoy a good meal and listen to a great message about the saving grace of a blessed Savior so that when we get to heaven we can eat with our blessed Savior. That is enough to throw me into another tizzy!!

Bless Y'all,


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