my babies

my babies

Sunday, November 28, 2010


Today my little Piper was dedicated at our church. This was such a special day. I was so proud as I watched my daughter and her husband stand up front and promise to their families, church family and to God to raise this child in the ways of the Lord. What a tremendous responsibility. Piper was so good. She was just looking around and never even made a peep. Her sweet Aunt Megan just beamed at her while we watched the Pastor hold her and pray over her. Piper loves her some Aunt Meg!! She just breaks out in this big ole goofy grin when you even say the name Megan. I was so emotional through this whole event that I only took three pictures!!!

Here is Pastor Gates addressing Blake and Erica

Our Pastor is so sweet. Here he is speaking to us as a church family how we need to pray and lift up these young families and our children.

I snuck a picture while he was praying over this little one. Pastor Gates gets so emotional with this event. His voice just broke over Piper.

Pray for this young family and for all the ones just starting out and the ones that have a few miles under their belts. Satan is after our families hard and fast. He is winning a few battles but Praise His Name he will lose the war.

Bless y'all,


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