my babies

my babies

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Old Girls Still Got It!!!

Hey Y'all,

This past Friday night was my old high schools' Homecoming Game. It is a very big deal around these parts. Everyone looks forward to all the festivities of the week. We have a powder puff football game where the Junior girls play football against the senior girls. A mock homecoming court which is hilarious and of course football players dress up as cheerleaders for the powder puff game. Fun times. When my Megan was a Senior she escorted "Matt-ilda" on the mock court. Her "girl" won the crown and Megan "MegaHouse" was the homecoming King. Too funny. This year they asked the alumni cheerleaders if they would like to cheer for a quarter of the game. They had a huge response. My girls and my niece all cheered. The had a great time and they did an awesome job. Some of these old girls had 3 kids and had not cheered for a long time. Honestly, they were super. Here are a few photos.

My girls are the back row. Erica, Brittany and Megan.

Brittany and Erica at half-time.

Megan's best childhood friends. Ashton, Anna and my Megan.

My two sweet girls. I miss these days!!!!

My three girls!! Erica, Brittany and Megan.

Where has all the time gone???? Love those babies...they are grown way too fast.

Bless Y'all,


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