my babies

my babies

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Mini Retreat

Hey Y'all,

Over the Labor Day weekend my dear friend, Tracy, invited me to go to their mountain house for a mini retreat of sorts. We talked and laughed and ate (she is a marvelous cook) and talked some more. We rode around on their Rhino through old roads that seemed to lead to "deliverance" country at times. We only got lost once and the scenery was wonderful. It isn't quite fall here yet but it was a crisp 46 degrees when we got up Monday. The air has that Autumn smell. Below are some the many photos I took.

A view of a beautiful hillside

One of the few deer we saw. Normally we see dozens of deer but not this time.

A pretty row of pinecones. They are plentiful this year.

A row of glistening wheat grass

A view of the tree canopy. I just love how the sun glints through the branches.

I thought this tree was so unique. Kind of lonely but standing tall and brave.

A beautiful old mountain Methodist Church.

This is one of my favorite homes.

Two fabulous barns. I love big old red barns.

These cows are not working for Chick-Filet!

What a lovely trail. Doesn't it just call your name?

It was so good to get away. I cannot thank my friend enough. I have been just so overwhelmed with grief lately and this was just such a treat. I just thank God for my sweet girlfriends.

Bless Y'all


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Tracy said...

The pictures are greatand I do love the tree....