my babies

my babies

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

A New 'Do

Hey Y'all,

My house was built in 1954. It has never and I mean never been updated. When we purchased this house in 1992 the original linoleum was still in the kitchen. It was ugly. There are too many things too list that I dislike about my home but it has one huge benefit. It's paid for. It's a keeper. In today's economy I would be foolish to try to sell and purchase something new with things I liked. In my opinion that would be wasteful. So I am updating with a few touches here and there. Below are some before pictures. Caution! It is straight out of some other time. Think the old Lassie t.v. show or maybe Mayberry RFD. I kid you not.

This is the floor I put down a few years ago. It is laminate and it is horrendous. This stuff shows every scratch and is a pain to clean. Y'all know I am highly allergic to housework.

Here is a view of my front door and upper left corner. The fireplace is in the middle and two windows bank on either side. Don't you love how I have mixed parquet flooring with the laminate??!! How about that fancy wallpaper? Looks like we're living in a hotel! Oh by the way, I am addicted to the Golden Girls. That's Rose on t.v.

This is the view from the foyer. I obviously have no taste whatsoever.

See what I mean? I put the "eck!" in eclectic.

This is the view down my hallway. Once upon a time I loved this! Whatever!

This is my lovely mantle and fireplace. Can you see the selling points?

This is another look from the dining area of my kitchen. Can you say, "How much wood can a woodchuck chuck...?"

This is a side view of my kitchen. Lots and lots of meals prepared here. I think I have worn it out. By the way, the clock on the stove has said 3:20 for 12 years. Classy.

Here is a full kitchen shot. Don't let all that shiny wood fool you. It's grease. I do love my stainless fridge though.

This is my eating area. I usually have a mountain of books on this table that I store in the seat at the end. I am trying to break this habit. See how I blend things. Wood walls, wood table and fake wood floors. I am Martha's third cousin once removed...Bertha Stewart.

I love my house. I really do. When I sit back and think how most of the world has nothing and I am in the top 8% of the wealthiest in the whole world I am so humbled by my blessings. I am not a rich woman by American standards but I am so blessed. I just got finished kissing my grandaughter goodnight. I am helping my youngest order books for her senior (sob!) year at college. I spoke with both of my parents in person today. Talked with my best childhood friend on the phone just a minute ago. I am so very blessed. My other dear friend is going tomorrow to pick out a coffin for her girl of just 17 years. I have no complaints. None. Thank you Lord Jesus for all my blessings that you so richly bestow on the likes of me.

Bless Y'all,


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Pris said...

Like you, I don't much like my house either, but also like you, its paid for and my hubby has his feet firmly planted here, so this is where we'll stay. I do like the layout of your house and all those kitchen cabinets are to die for...if you'd see my itty bitty gallery kitchen with almost no cabinets/counter space, you'd fall on your knees with gratitude for your kitchen! But as you say, this is home, all my stuff is here, we're debt free and I am truly grateful. Thanks for sharing the photos.