my babies

my babies

Thursday, August 12, 2010

I Can't Explain It

Hey Y'all,

I am so in love with my new grandaughter, Piper that I cannot stand myself. I totally love her. I am obnoxious with my love for her. I want everyone to see how absolutely precious she is and I just cannot explain this feeling. I make my own self sick I am so crazy about her. She is eight days old today and I have taken her picture over 200 times. Thank goodness Blake and Erica know I am an idiot over her and just grin at me while I can't wait to hold that little bundle. When I dropped by today (I called first) he met me with her and said, "Here Pipes...go to your Mimi." I love him too. I am thinking about Mimi as my "grandmotherly" name. But if Piper calls me Mammy I would come a'runnin'. Here are a few of the pile of photos I took just today.

Is she not just the cutest?????

Erica is just the best little mommy. I love her too.

She was wide awake for quite awhile today.

Getting my little Piper "fix"

So that I don't sound like a total nut I will have you know that her Aunt Megan is also crazy about this little lady. Megan is not exactly a baby kind of gal but she is crazy for this baby girl. She even ran out of the tub to kiss her good-bye this evening. I promise I won't post her picture every day but I might!!!

Bless Y'all,


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