my babies

my babies

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Country Girl at Heart

Hey Y'all,

I just realized that I have been yakking on and on and on about my new (and so precious) grandbaby and her sweet mommy that I have practically ignored yakking about my other daughter. Megan. My country girl. She is just started back at NC State for her senior year and she is missing "the county" as she calls it. Not the country mind you but the county. She loves her home and its slow country ways and laid back lifestyle. Even though at times she is at full throttle like a wild mustang. She has fell back in love with horses this summer and a good friend of hers has some and she has been riding several times. Below is a picture of her and her friend Jessica on their horses.

They look right at home on those horses, don't they?

I would like to make one thing clear. I do not like horses. I know that may upset or offend some but here is my point. They scare me. I am a big ole scaredy cat around them. I was silently thanking Jesus for my zoom lens when Megan hollered from the driveway to come out and take their picture. The only horses I desire to really be around are the ones under my hood. I love the outdoors, the woods, fishing, rolling around in the dirt and most things outdoors. I even like to watch hunting shows even though I don't hunt. I am a supporter of hunter's rights and I don't mind guns. I have even got my very own BB gun. I shoot squirrels off my birdfeeders. I haven't hit one but one day I will. I am saying all this to show you that even though I am really, really afraid of horses they are beautiful creatures.

Here is Megan on Trigger. She says he is really gentle. I still don't want to ever ride him. I did stretch my arm out and pet his nose though.

I miss my little country girl from the county. She adds a spark to my life that is just hard to explain. As independent and self-reliant as Erica is, Megan is the direct opposite. She is very dependent and needs constant reassurance of her decisions. Where Erica is decisive (fancy word for stubborn) Megan is impulsive (fancy word for ...well impulsive). They could not be more different and yet they are very, very tight. I love my girls. Very much. Watching them grow, mature and make decisions that do not really involve me has been hard but satisfying. God has been so good to me with these two gifts. I could talk forever on what I have learned with them and about them and from them. I guess that is what it is all about while raising children. I think I raised two of the best little sinners that need Jesus in "the county". I am thankful for all they have given me through the years. Even though I do not plan on ever buying Meg a horse I will take her picture on one any time she wants....from a distance.

Bless Y'all,


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