my babies

my babies

Friday, August 6, 2010

Coming Home

Hey Y'all,

What a wonderful day today has been. Blake and Erica brought home their brand new baby, Piper. I adore that name. They picked it out months ago I did not post it so that it would be a surprise. There is something about introducing someone and speaking their name for the first time out loud. Erica was so glad to be home and Blake was overjoyed. He was so excited to sleep in his own bed and not a hospital recliner-bed. He said he liked to froze to death and he is never cold. Erica was just glad to be home so she can start her own routine of how she wants to do her "mothering". She is just the sweetest little mama. I am just so proud of her and I know she will take to this mothering thing like a duck to water.

Here are a few of the pictures I took this afternoon.

A stork to welcome this little Princess home.

So peaceful looking in her little carseat.

I plan on taking Piper's picture each month in Erica's glider chair in the nursery with this frog so that I can chart her growth. She looks so tiny!

Piper really enjoyed her swing. She just settled down and listened to crickets and birds while she swang away. I wish they had a swing with a higher weight limit!!

I could eat this little one right up. I cannot tell you how much I love this tiny soul already. She is such a blessing. I can hardly look at her without crying. She is just so precious.

Bless Y'all,



Pris said...

Piper looks the part of a princess already...such an adorable dress. You're going to have soo much fun buying little girl stuff...clothes and toys. Congrats again...

Tracy said...

I'm jealous......