my babies

my babies

Sunday, August 15, 2010


Hey Y'all,

Yesterday I gathered with several hundred others at the funeral for my friend's daughter. It was such a sad occasion. Watching all these young people weep for their friend. Big ole boys cried like babies. Sweet girls held each other and just sobbed their hearts out. Mothers and daddies my own age wept into bits of wadded up kleenex. Grandparents of all ages with tears just streaming down their lined faces. The atmosphere was just thick with emotion. I sat in that old church where I watched that mother get married. Never did I dream I would attend that same church 21 years later to watch that same couple bury their child. What a heartbreaking day. I saw so many faces from our past. School friends of years past gathered to comfort one of our own through this sad tragedy. The night before three of my old girlfriends gathered at my house to eat dinner and to just talk. We all agreed that this was a wake up call for our own families. My girlfriend Shawn came from Raleigh and said the most profound thing. A lady at her church told her, "When you lose a parent your past dies, with a sibling it is your present that dies but when our child dies our future dies." That legacy we have built will not be left will not continue. That speaks volumes to me. While we sat together we talked and talked and we laughed and laughed. I love those girls to pieces. Life has dealt us all strong blows but none as rough as this. It made us all keenly aware of how fragile life is and it made me more aware of how much I need God. We all watched our friend stand up and speak at her daughter's funeral and not once did she waver. Most people said they could have never done that. But I have come to a place in my own life where I can say I don't want to ever be in that place but the Grace of God would give me His strength to do the same thing. Just as His Grace flowed over my friend. It was through tears we all hugged and smiled at each other. Several of us girls made vows to keep more in touch and to get together more often. We plan on a monthly get together if at all possible. I really don't want to start gathering with my old friends just at funerals and class reunions. I want quality time with them. Sweet time with them and yes, I am sure bitter times with them. We all have crisis in our lives that calls out to our friends like a beacon to come and just hold each other. After they left my home and after the funeral we all told each other we loved each other and we really meant it. I do love those girls. Shawn and I held hands as we walked to hug our dear friend who buried her baby. Life is hard enough to go through. We all need our hand held at times. As much as I cried on Saturday at the funeral I laughed much more the night before at my house. Even with all the remodeling mess going on I was so excited to see them. What a lifetime of memories in these girls. We look a little older but thank the Lord we are all a whole lot wiser. This group has been friends for over forty years! I pray we get forty more!!

Shawn, me, Kelly and Hollye

Some of the best friends I have ever had.

Bless Y'all,


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