my babies

my babies

Sunday, August 8, 2010


Hey Y'all,

I just left the home of one of my life-long friends. When I was a school girl I had a group I always hung around with. There were five if us and we are all still friends today. That is just such a good feeling to know that we can always come to each other through good times, bad times and all the things that this world hands out and hold each other to either laugh or cry. We are all sobbing right now. Just yesterday one of my dearest friends 17 year old daughter was murdered. We live in a small rural area and everyone knows everyone. We really do. We are a community that is so intertwined. At times that is a curse but mostly it is a comfort. Now it is a comfort. My friend's daughter was at a party and no matter what is going on nothing, and I mean nothing called for what happenend. A young man threw a concrete block through the passenger window of this car while it was sitting still and hit this 17 year old girl with it right in her torso. When she got to a trauma center she died of a completely severed in pieces liver and bled to death internally. What is wrong with this world?? Who does such horrible, awful things?? All my friend could say was "You should have seen my baby, Cindy" We held each other and just sobbed. Her sweet husband and I were in first grade together. Friends of 40 years. He was so sad and just devestated. Holding a sobbing grown man is just heart wrenching. I have cried and cried over this. Another one of our group and I threw the baby shower for this friend when she was carrying her. I don't understand any of this. Two families are destroyed. The one who will pick out a coffin for their daughter and the one who in the morning will sit behind their 21 year old son while he has a first appearance and will be charged with First Degree Murder. When arrested this young man showed no remorse. What is wrong with this world?? Over foolish things and stupid arguments a young life is snuffed out. No senior prom, no senior portraits, no college applications, no grandbabies from her, no wedding....just a coffin to place her in and close the lid. What is wrong with this world??? The prince of the air we breathe holds this world prisoner with sin is what is wrong. When it comes down to it sin is the real problem. Sin leads to wrong choices and that leads to bigger and bigger pits we dig. Satan likes nothing better than to see families ripped right out of frame. All around me in my small close knit community I am seeing his handiwork more and more. But God is bigger and He is in control. I am praying that my friend's family allows God to soothe their aching hearts and to wake up this sleeping town to see what is going on around and stand up for what is right. We all need a new mercy today. I know I do and I bet you do too.

Bless Y'all,


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