my babies

my babies

Friday, July 16, 2010


Hey Y'all,

The other night we had some wicked storms come through our area. I am dying to get a shot of lightning but I am still just a novice with my camera. But I will persevere! Storms just fascinate me to no end. I love the wind, thunder, lightning and all that comes with storms. When I was a young girl at home my whole family set up lawn chairs in the garage to watch the storms. How dangerous is that!!

Here are some photos of the clouds as they rolled by my house.

Isn't it funny how the clouds come in huge waves. They gather and roll and literally drown each other in their fight to get in front of one another. It strikes me at how that is like the storms of life. Always it seems they come in huge waves of multiple issues and problems. Fighting to stay foremost in your mind. Each one trying to be the one to keep your fear perked up to it and to be the one issue that garners all your attention. It may be just a shower that lasts a little while or a full fledged tornado that literally rips your whole life out of frame. Only God can calm the storms, soothe the savage winds and calm all the skies. He can do that with our life storms too. Allow Him to calm those fears and smooth out your wrinkled and tired heart and mind. He loves us so....

Bless Y'all,


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Priscilla said...

Very nice photos...I, too, adore storms. Love it when it gets so dark during the daytime that the street lights come on. I love the rumble of thunder and sleeping with rain hitting the windows. Some might think we're weird, you know....! My husband and both my children are totally freaked out by storms...I think they are the weird ones!