my babies

my babies

Friday, July 30, 2010

A Littled Worried...

Hey Y'all,

I am a little worried. My sweet daughter has been put out of work and told to rest...alot! Her blood pressure is back up and her doctor has told her to rest as much as she can and to mainly relax. This may sound great but I am worried. As her mother and the soon to be grandmother of the little girl she is carrying I want everything to be problem free. She goes back to the doctor on Monday for another check up and another stress test. The doctor told her and Blake on Thursday that they would probably be inducing her the next Thursday so they can just nip this blood pressure problem and deliver the baby just a week early. I cannot lie...I am a little worried. I am scared for my little girl. This is new territory for her and it is natural for me to just want to protect her and not allow any harm to come to her. When I feel these worry flutters in my stomach and in my heart and way down in my soul I am reminded of God. He wants my worries and He wants to carry them for me. How precious. When I think of that it overwhelms me with love for God in a whole different way. He knit my child in my womb and He knit this sweet grand baby in Erica's womb. He isn't worried at all. He loves her even more than I ever could. So as I sit here in my house with all this on my mind and on my heart I look up and I say ..."Here, is this worry I am handing to you. Take it and bear it for me, please?" Bless my heart,....He does. Does this mean I don't still pray about this? No, I lift my children up to Him daily. I pray for this baby girl daily. He takes this worry to ease my weary heart and mind because He loves me. Just like He loves you. Give Him your worries...He will take them.

Bless Y'all,


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