my babies

my babies

Monday, July 5, 2010


Hey Y'all,

Well my precious grand daughter is officially a honeydew! I went with Erica and Blake last week before our trip for a 3D sonogram and I got to watch this amazing sight. I watched on a tiny screen this precious baby move and wiggle and smile and stick out her tongue and wave to us. I almost burst with joy. I honestly do not understand how anyone can look at that and not see a live human being doing it's own thing. If I had ever questioned about the existence of God (I haven't by the way) watching her was all the evidence you could ever need that God is real. When I got in my car I just let the tears flow as I thought...."He knit her together in my daughter's womb" God has already ordained her days. He knows her name. I have prayed mighty hard for this baby girl. Prayed for a sweet temperament, a tender spirit and for her to come to know Christ early and to stay on the path God has for her. I have prayed for her parents to stay in the Word and to stay involved in church and to stay together and protect their marriage. Below is a picture of this amazing baby that I already just love to pieces.

Is she not just gorgeous!! She is waving to you!

Bless Y'all,


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