my babies

my babies

Monday, July 19, 2010

Blessed Summer

Hey Y'all,

This has been a truly wonderful summer. Despite all the personal turmoil, grief and plain weariness that I have been struggling with. I feel just so blessed. My daughter is blossoming in her pregnancy. She is just a gorgeous pregnant girl. It is so true that there is just this glow on her face. She and Blake had some photos taken on Sunday afternoon at my house. It was about 95 degrees and 195% humidity. Blake is just the best husband. He never complains about all these girly things he is experiencing for the first time. He just grins and goes with the flow. What a blessing he has been.

Erica is 3 weeks from her due date. She thinks she is huge but she really isn't.

They are both so excited about this little girl.

My Erica. Isn't she precious!

Some things never change.

Bless Y'all,


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