my babies

my babies

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Father's Day.. a few days late

Hey Y'all,

I have been so busy lately. No excuse to not keep my 5 followers informed though and I am really very sorry. I had a wonderful Father's Day with my daddy. He is the sweetest man. He loves his girls too. Here are a couple of photos from my mama's house I took on Father's Day evening. We always get together and just cook out and swim. Very relaxed but so nice.

Blake, my little "Father-to-Be" and my cute Erica

My sweet Daddy and Erica and Brittany. Two of his four Grand Daughters.

My sister Becky and me with Daddy. I look like a dirty wreck but we had cooked and played all afternoon. My sister cleaned up a little. I obviously did not.

Being a Father is such a huge responsibility and honor. My heart just breaks for people who have lost their dad or do not have a great relationship with their father. But...we do serve a Mighty God who is our Abba Father. He can and will fill that gap. Sometimes He sends someone to step in a be that dad or sometimes He allows us to keep going on and become that dad to someone else. Just pray for all daddies everywhere. Everyday, not just Father's Day. They need to be held up in prayer daily. This world is harsh and even our daddies need a Father they can turn to.

Bless Y'all,


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