my babies

my babies

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Day to day ...stuff

Hey Y'all

I realized I have not posted any pictures lately of my sweet girls! Here are a few from a jewelry party my mom had last week.

Erica and her sister/cousin Brittany!

My can she be this grown-up???

My oldest little chick who is carrying my little chiclet!

Isn't it funny how each day may seem so long but when you look at the calendar (and the mirror) you are amazed at how much time has gone by? It is June people! Half the year already. It makes me think about all the big changes I am facing and also just the little day to day stuff. I just finished my spring Bible study. It was Kelly Minter's latest, "Ruth...loss, love and legacy". So good! I highly recommend it for your own study or with a group. I really love Bible study. Especially with groups of ladies. Megan is home for the summer and will be a senior in collage this fall. That is just unreal. My little grand daughter will be here before I know it. I am planning her a nursery at my house. It is a major redo of a room. Well, major to me. This time I will post before and after shots. Can't wait to get my hands on her! Dealing with the day to day stuff is what gets us through the big stuff. I think (there I go thinking again) that God places all the little joys, nuances, aggravations, pleasures and so forth in our lives to sculpt us for the biggies. At times in my life when I am struggling with a certain issue that is just huge to me I ask God to please supply what I need. Not physical stuff but things like kindness, gentleness, mercy, wisdom and the like. I truly believe when I (maybe it is just me) ask for more of these things God sends people or situations that need them in mega-doses. When I need to be kinder, He sends people to aggravate me. When I need wisdom, I seem to get the most profound problems. When I need mercy, I find that I am hurt more by others and need to show them some mercy. Get this? Thank you, Lord, for the day to day stuff. It graciously gives me new mercies to assist me each day.

Bless Y'all,


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