my babies

my babies

Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother's Day Recap

Hey Y'all,
This past Sunday was Mother's Day. We always gather at my mom's house for a cookout. She loves hotdogs so that is what we had! We also like to cook and eat all over the place. The weather was a bit cool so we all ate in my mom's formal dining room even though we all had on old jeans. Usually it is pretty nice so we eat outside but this year was plain cold to me! Most kids take there mom's out to eat but like I said we eat all over the place plus we are LOUD! We all talk at the same time and we laugh and cut up something fierce. The quietest one is my daddy. Mostly he just shakes his head at how goofy a houseful of girls squeal and holler!

This is my sister, Becky. These are her girls. Brittany is 24 and Mariah is 17. It seems like they were just born!

Here is me with my two girls. I just love them!

This is my sister and our mother, Carol. She was so upset she had already got her shirt dirty. We are loud and messy!

I sure hope all of you had a sweet Mother's Day. Mine was bittersweet. So many changes this year. It is hard to digest it all. It is hard to believe that my own girls are just so grown up. I miss the days when I got handmade cards and little paper cups with a marigold stuck inside. Next year we will have a precious little grandbaby to kiss and pass around like a sack of potatoes. I cannot wait!! By next May she will be 9 months old and we will all be saying how crazy it seems that she is already that old. If you have lost your mama, I am just so sorry. If you do not live close together or maybe have a strained relationship with your mama please remedy that with either a trip or at least a long phone call. I am telling you, this I know for sure, when she is gone you are going to miss your mama. I was thinking yesterday at church about motherhood in general. I do realize that some of us out there really do not have a very good mother. Some of us may have a mom that is lost in some horrible addiction or maybe in prison or maybe you have no clue to her whereabouts at all. I am just so sorry. But God will fill that void. If you let Him. If you allow Him to work through you and break any cycle or generational stronghold in your family you can start a whole new tradition of memories to create for your own children or grandchildren. It is such a blessing to be a mother.

Bless Y'all,


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