my babies

my babies

Monday, May 31, 2010


Hey Y'all,

This is Memorial Day and I am a very grateful American. Grateful that I live in a free country and can do just about what I want to do. Wait a minute....I can do what I want to do! My daddy served in Korea so this day is a little special to me. He served our country in the US Army. I am super proud of him for the time he gave to maintain the rights and liberties I too often take for granted. I compare this with the freedom I have in Christ. Not freedom to sin or remain in pits of sin but free to choose His way and His manner. Just like we are free in America to do what we want as long as it is within the means of the laws established. Before we come to a saving knowledge of Jesus we sin, sin, sin and keep sinning. We really don't feel any different about one or the other. It is our way of life. But with the freeing knowledge brought into us by the Holy Spirit we are convicted (not condemned) by such sins. God will not let us keep relishing in this sin. He keeps tugging at us to come back into the fold with Him as our safe shepherd to guard our wandering hearts. When I am in a particular season of sin I am just a miserable creature. I may smile and fool the outside world but my God sees my wicked heart. How grateful I am for that sight. When left to my own designs I can weave a pretty hefty web. Thank God for the glorious reason to tear down that web so that I cannot even recognize the thing! So on this Memorial Day please thank a veteran, or a soldier, or someone connected with one. Thank them for our continued freedoms and privileges. Then thank God for the freedom He gave us in His Holy Son...Jesus.

Bless Y'all,


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