my babies

my babies

Thursday, May 27, 2010


Hey Y'all

My dear friend, Tracy, has been expressing herself over on her blog, "You Said What??". She is struggling with some issues and feels distant from God. He never, ever moves. We do. I, myself, have a pile of issues and am also feeling distant from God. She has reccommended a book for me to read called "Daisy Chain". I am anxious to read this little book. The basics of it is that we all have our own garden to tend. God tills it, provides seeds, water, sun etc...but we must tend this garden called our life. Mine is choking on weeds right now. Some are small and thick and some are huge and have ugly flowers that are shading the pretty flowers and starving them of the much needed Son. As it goes, I hate pulling weeds around my house. They are new ones every single day and some must grow six inches overnight! The weeds in my soul are growing too. I am ashamed to say I have even let a few take roots that are getting deep. You see, if we do not keep the weeds out of our garden they will choke out the healthy growth and it dies. Did you get that? It dies. I truly do not want anything pretty or thriving or healthy in my life to die. God has graciously given me gifts and is daily trying to prune my spirit to develop a better harvest of fruit. I have allowed seeds of anger (the wrong kind), resentment, bitterness, unforgiveness and insecurity to develop and grow. I have fed them with the fertilizer of self-righteousness and they have flourished. It is time to allow God to bring in some holy round-up and kill some weeds before they choke my death. We all experience pain, hardship, unfairness, trials and some pretty unbelievable stuff in this walk on planet earth. If we are to be Christ-like we must tend them in the right way. Anger is okay as long as it is responsible anger not selfish anger to get my point across. I need Christ's point to come across. If it is a blatant defined sin against me then I need to address the sin in a Christ-like anger not the kind that is a flamethrower of fiery words. Life is hard. Really hard at times. To have a good growth of a lovely garden I need to be quick to pull out what chokes this growth so it can gain strength, power, dignity and keep reaching and stretching towards the Son. I can't wait to read this book. Until then I am bent down pulling and yanking weeds. I never thought until this second that the act of pulling up weeds requires me to get on my knees. Is that not just like God?

Bless Y'all,


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