my babies

my babies

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Busy Week

Hey Y'all,

This has been an incredibly busy week for me. School is almost out. (Silent, Praise The LORD!!!) I have been getting my new dog, Penny, used to the invisible fencing system around the yard. I have been planting flowers and sprucing up around my house. I opened my pool but the water is sub-zero! I like very warm pool water by the way. Also, I was selected as a judge for our local high schools senior projects. This is a year long project that the students work on for their graduation and it is required for each student. Some people say it is a waste of time or too hard or doesn't teach them anything useful. But I really like this whole process. Yes, public speaking is hard but it is something that we all must do at times in our lives. Your audience may consist of two or two thousand but it is still just talking in front of others. The students present a subject that they gather information about, present a product, (video, power point or an actual product like a quilt). The student explains how they learned or fine tuned their individual subject. They were even required to choose a mentor to assist them with this project. My daughter, Erica, was also a judge. She loves it too. She has been out of high school less than 10 years and she agrees that it really does help to prepare them for interviews, jobs and in dealing with fellow employees and the public. My dearest friend, Kelley, was also in our group along with a teacher from the high school. Lots of other stuff is coming up this week. The only two television shows I really watch are having their finale's this week. I could still kick myself that I have ignored 24 for all these years. And I am switching to Lee Dewyze for the winner on American Idol. He is just amazing. I love him! He reminds me of Jeremy Camp for some reason. Crystal is still great too so I will be happy with whoever wins this season. Megan is home from school for the summer and moving her back in has been a huge mess. But it is all coming together. Who knew you could have so much stuff in a college room?? Below are a few pictures I took this week. Enjoy!!

Erica is giving Penny a much loved hug!

Erica is just blossoming! She looks so beautiful!

This is my little Darla. She officially hates Penny. I think I have offended her for the last time by bringing in another dog. I don't think she will ever forgive me. She'll get over it.

Poor Penny! I think Darla just gave her the cold shoulder. She just wants to be friends!!

My dear friend Kelley and Erica at the Senior Project Judging. She will be my grand baby's "other" grandmother!

Kelley is going to be keeping my little grand daughter until 1:30 each day after Erica goes back to work after the baby is born. How blessed we are as a family to have such a wonderful friend. This little girl will have a wonderful Godly influence over her in this sweet woman. I just love her!

Also, an add-on to my last post. A PawPaw is a fleshy fruit that is smaller than a mango but kind of shaped like one. It is sweet and a little citrusy-melony tasting. As soon as some ripen later in the summer I will pick some and take them over to my friend Tracy's house. I will also photograph some for this blog. There is an old song that goes: "Pickin' up pawpaws ...puttin' in my pocket... You sing that over and over. My grandma sang that to us all the time. If the truth is known I really don't care for them. I eat one each year because my daddy has so many but it is not a fruit I would ever buy in the store!!

Bless Y'all,



Priscilla said...

Ahhh, yes...that is the little song my grandma used to sing to me...I guess she just inserted 'basket' instead of 'pocket'. It would lull me right to sleep. Sweet memories...

Priscilla said...

I thought of you today...I spent the afternoon working in my yard...something reminded me of the pawpaw conversation and all of a sudden, that little song popped into my head; I couldn't get rid of it. All afternoon "pickin up pawpaws, puttin them in a basket" ran through my mind, over and over...thanks alot! hehehe....