my babies

my babies

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Around the yard

Hey Y'all,

Here a couple of pictures from around my yard. I really love flowers and trees. My thumb isn't very green but I do put forth an effort. I took a few pictures of some blooms that were pretty as I was walking around the yard.

I don't remember what this flower is called but I planted it last year and it came back. I think it is really pretty.

This is my Gardenia Bush. It smells heavenly. Sorry it is a little blurry. I don't know what happened. These blooms are so dainty and fragile. I love them.

This is my PawPaw Tree. I planted this from seed from an original PawPaw Tree from my grandmother's yard in Boone, NC. My Dad has one in his yard and we have eaten many PawPaws from his. I had two blooms this year so I might finally produce some fruit. My tree is four years old now.

This is a beautiful red Tiger Lily. I wish these lasted all summer long!! They are so vibrant and beautiful.

Here is a shot of my Peony. It is just the faintest of pinks. Such a lovely flower. I am sure they are all girls because it is just such a feminine looking blossom.

I wish I had flower beds and natural areas all over my yard. It is such a satisfying feeling of accomplishment when you sit back and enjoy the sights and smells of hard work. When things get to growing bigger and get more full I will post some more pictures of my flowers and plants. I love it when everything is in full bloom and thriving. We had so much rain this week that things will be taking off like gangbusters! Is it not just beautiful and awesome how God created all the beauty we have to just gaze upon? The feel of velvety petals, the aroma of flowers that no perfume can ever match. The hearty earthy feel of soil between your fingers. Watching a wilted stem just stand at attention when water starts to seep into it's veins. It makes me think how small I really am in this world. God knows each and every blade of grass. He knows when the sparrow falls. He knows my name. What a wonderful, wonderful new mercy to behold ....each day.

Bless Y'all,



Tracy said...

what is a paw paw tree and what do you eat from it?

Priscilla said...

When I was little I remember my grandmother used to sing a little song to me...something about 'pickin' up pawpaws, puttin' 'em in a basket...' I don't remember the rest of the song...that as close as I've ever come to a pawpaw. They are soft yellow fruits, aren't they?..about the size of a mango maybe?