my babies

my babies

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Some Firsts

Hey Y'all,

This post is all about "firsts". Since I am a first-time mother-in-law and a first-time grandmother-to-be I thought I should show you some other firsts.

Here is Blake and Erica's first home. Isn't it sweet?

This is Penny. She is Blake and Erica's fence jumping dog. Honestly, she jumps their fence in the backyard like a deer. Amazing to watch.

This is Tyson their boxer. Needless to say he does not jump the fence nor anything else. He is just super-sweet.

Here is Erica and my little "Eggplant Baby-girl" in her kitchen. The dogs are looking for something to eat I am sure. Erica is really blossoming. I secretly wish she would ditch the old t-shirts. This one is from her college freshman year. The UNC-Charlotte FortyNiners. Woo-Hoo go "Niners!

It won't be long until Tyson and Penny will have to move over but Erica loves her dogs!

It is just unbelievable at how fast this pregnancy is going by. Before I know it I will be holding that precious baby girl. I could just cry right now! I truly am looking so forward to this new life. To whisper in her ear secrets and dreams and songs and prayers. To watch her grow and learn. To kiss her and hug her and guide her as much as I can towards the one who loves her the most. Jesus. I don't believe you can ever start too soon in telling our children of the love of God. I told Erica to start playing music and reading to her right now. I read that babies can hear outside sounds at this stage so hop to it! There are many firsts that I am going through right now. Some good, some not so good and some I never even dreamed I would experience. But God is good and He gives me all I need each day. One of the other firsts is a new Bible study I am doing called, "Ruth, loss,love and legacy" by Kelly Minter. I am going to a different church with my cousin to this study. There is not one lady I know in my small group and that is okay. They are wonderful ladies and the study is awesome. I highly recommend it for your church or group. Just read the book of Ruth. For the fiftieth time or for the first. What a blessing.

Bless Y'all,


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Priscilla said...

Adorable house...and the landscaping is neat as a pin! Lovely...