my babies

my babies

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Singing, As Loud as I Could

Hey Y'all,

Last night I went to the best concert I have been to in a very long time. I went to see Caleb, Tenth Avenue North and brbrbrbrbrbr (drumroll sound effects without the sound) Casting Crowns! It was the most worshipful thing I have done in a mighty long time. Caleb is two of Steven Curtis Chapman's sons. Caleb and Will are their names and they were really good and they spoke a little on the accident that took the life of their little sister a while back and that nearly broke my heart. But these two young men were filled with the Holy Spirit and gave all the recovery their family has come through to the glory of God. Precious boys, just precious. Then came Tenth Avenue North. Wow! They were fantastic and so full of energy. Everyone was on there feet with their hands in the air just praising away. It was just a taste of heaven but it sure made this old soul hungry for the real thing....soon! Then came Casting Crowns. I truly felt as if I was worshipping right at the feet of Jesus. I cried just about the whole time and I sang as loud as I could when I wasn't just sobbing in worship. That is really why I don't sing in the choir. Music, it seems, the older I get is just so emotional for me. I don't know if it is this season of my life or what but I truly just cry through almost every song. Nevermind the fact that I can't sing very well. God just asks for a joyful noise. I suffice to the requirement. Enough said. Even through all the tears that coursed down my face I couldn't quit smiling either. The sweet lady beside me must have thought I was a serious basket-case! For the most part I am. We hugged each other good bye when we left the show anyway. The whole concert was just what I needed. My daughter, Megan, and her friend, Casey, were on the fourth row back and she said it was just awesome. She loves Casting Crowns and has always wanted to see them and I am just so glad she did. She has been going through a really hard time as of late and I believe it helped that sweet soul figure some things out. She is a real music lover too. I wanted to find her and get a picture of the two of us but I couldn't get to her and she couldn't find me either. I went with our youth group at church as a chaperone. I must say, middle schoolers are not my favorite age group but these kids were super to be around. We elected a new worship pastor at our church and he went last night too. It was just so nice to be with such a diverse group and all of us have such a great time. Looking around the coliseum gave me just a minute insight to heaven. Every nation, every tribe will be there. All of us singing as loud as we can in praise to the One Most High.

Bless Y'all,


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