my babies

my babies

Friday, April 16, 2010

Friday, bits and pieces...

Hey Y'all!

It is finally Friday! Yeah!!! Only 39 school days left! Double Yeah!! This has been a stressful week to say the least but I have tonight off of work at the restaurant and I am going shopping with my two girls and my mother. I am sure we will have a great time. I picked up my beagle, Hunter's, ashes a little bit ago and I was so impressed with the little box that contained them. It even has his name on the outside and a little poem. I was going to bury the box but I think I will hang onto it a while. Is that not just morbid? Or am I just weird? I am going with the latter. If I find any super deals or see anything I cannot possibly live without I will let y'all know. If I could shop for a profession and really make enough money to live on I would surely do that. I love shopping and am actually very good at it. I can spend money as fast as it is printed but I am wise with it too. I truly do try to find a use for each thing I buy and I hardly ever get rid of anything. My daughters say I am a hoarder. I have seen that t.v. show advertise and I highly resent their remarks. I am most certainly not a hoarder. I am a "Gatherer of Nice Things". This whole post is so random. Kind of like life for me right now. Random. Things just kind of hitting here and there. No certainty, no consistency. Most definitely not boring. I miss boring. It is sure and stable. Looking forward to a little boring really soon. Hope you and yours have a great weekend!!

Bless Y'all


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