my babies

my babies

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Definition of "Secret"

Hey Y'all,

I am perplexed. Ummm...confused?? EEERRRR...disturbed???? How about all three to the tenth power! All my life I thought a secret was something you kept to yourself. A hidden fact or article. For no one else to view. Period. The End. So now that I am all of 45 years old I found out that I am oh so wrong. Wrong to the tenth power, I say! A "secret" is supposed to be exposed and flaunted and exposed for the entire free world to see. Yes, I confess.....I have been to the gym again. Yes, once again I was forced to watch women proceed to show me their bras, (some with shirts, some without and some with shirts that were size 2T) their underwear (I think? Could have been cooking twine. I have a roll but mine is off-white not neon orange) and for some unknown reason feel the need to roll their too tight sweat-shorts down over their flabby bellies. Honestly, I am telling the truth. When I am in a t-shirt that I caught at a football game 5 years ago that is a size 3XX and a pair of gym shorts my daughter wore in gym class with a dorky drawstring I feel can we say like......Napoleon Dynamites date at the prom??? Please ladies (loosely termed) put some clothes on. Cover up your secrets. I do not want to know the name brand of anything under your clothes...ever!! Also, when you are 40+ here is a newsflash. Ready?? Camisoles are not, I repeat NOT, tops. Also, just because you wear 3 different kind of bras that is not a top either. Just clarifying. Now you don't have to a complete slob but give the rest of us a break. None of us carries an airbrush in our back pocket so if you think you look good...face don't. Even if your body is rock-hard and ripped to the hilt. Doing Zumba, Pilates, Sculpting, Spinning, Kickboxing or anything at the gym practically naked is not pretty. Stuff gets stuck in all kinds of places and doing what you need to do to get it.....out is just plain ugly. On any body.

Thank you. That is my sermon for the day. I feel better now and I am going to go eat ice cream to get rid of the visions in my head.

Bless Y'all,



Tracy said...

I need their mirror at home, it has to be different then what I look into at my house...

Priscilla said...

I totally agree...what are they thinking..?? I see ladies at grocery stores, etc that are dressed in stuff I wouldn't even wear to paint a barn of my pet peeves is when they wear flannel pajama bottoms and/or fuzzy slippers in public. People..listen up!.. those things are bedroom wear..NOT something you wear in public. There now..I feel better, and I'm sure the world will be a better place.