my babies

my babies

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

All My Girls!!

Hey Y'all,

My granddaughter is an official "Papaya" now. My nieces were at my mom's house this past weekend and I though it was a good time to post a few photos of all my girls. We are a huge girly family so our little papaya baby will fit right in the group.

As you can see Erica is not in the mood for a picture.....too bad!

Here are my two girls, Erica and Megan, comparing their tummies!!!

This is Mariah, Brittany, Erica and Megan. I love my girls!!

This is my youngest daughter, Megan. She is such a sweetie!!

This is my little papaya girl and her mommy!!!

I am so grateful for all my girls and little girl to come. They are such a blessing. It is hard to raise girls in the world today. Really hard. So much is out there ready to just eat them up!! I pray daily for my girls. Now that my own two are grown women I pray that they look to Jesus for guidance in their choices each day. It so unbelievably hard for me not to just step right in and tell them what to do in every situation. I have bit right through my tongue more than once! Sometimes I speak up anyway and looking back I see where I take a situation they are facing to the Lord on their behalf and am so humbled in the way that He works it out. Taking my own hand off of things that I have held in a vice like grip is tough on this woman. But slowly I am learning to let go of some stuff before God has to break all my fingers so that He can take care of things.

Bless Y'all,


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