my babies

my babies

Monday, April 5, 2010

Birthday Girl!

Hey Y'all,

This past week-end was the most beautiful Easter I can remember for years. Absolutely gorgeous weather. Our Church had a drama/musical that was fantastic. I could not hold the tears in when a young man in our church closed the performance coming up a dark aisle with a crown of thorns on his head dragging a huge wooden cross. He placed it up on the platform and hung the crown of thorns over the top and shook off the tattered rags he wore to display a robe of white. With his hands placed high the whole congregation sang the "Revelation Song". Chills are running all over me even now. Needless to say I sobbed through most of the whole thing. I thought of my dear friends, Tracy and Kelley, and wished they were there with me. Especially when we sang "In Christ Alone." So moving. They are my crying buddies. Especially Tracy. We both get these awful hives from emotional outbursts. Real attractive too. Anyway, when I got home I had my children, son-in-law, his mother and my parents over for Easter lunch and for Erica's birthday. She was 23 on April 3rd. It is so hard to believe that my first born girl is soon to be a mommy herself. She is just too cute. We all ate a bunch. Visited awhile. Rested awhile. Ate some more and then said our goodbyes. A really good Easter and birthday weekend. I hope y'alls' was a good Easter as well.

Here is a picture of my birthday girl and her little banana - almost papaya baby belly!

Bless Y'all,



Priscilla said...

Beautiful photo of your daughter...and a wonderful day with your family.

Tracy said...

I heard the service was wonderful...Erica is looking great, its hard to believe our girls are getting so old when we don't look a day over 30?