my babies

my babies

Monday, March 15, 2010

It's a "Sweet 'Tater" now.

Hey Y'all

Here is a photo of my Erica in her 18th week. The baby is now a "sweet potato"! That happens to be one of my most favorite foods in the world too. I can't wait to just eat that little sweet tater up too!!

She is doing very well and is not as tired as she was in the beginning. We find out what the baby is on March 25th. I will be so excited to finally know so I can pick out stuff for the baby's room at my house. This is just so exciting to me. I am just overjoyed at the thoughts and plans there are to be made. God is just so good. Reflecting back through the last several months there has been so much heartache, trials and tears. God is so gracious and loving that He has made sure that I have lived through each day when there were a few when I didn't really even want to live. I am truly ashamed of that feeling. I have so much to be grateful for and there are just so many other women in the same boat as me. God has been faithful to provide all my needs and to allow plenty of grace and mercy whenever I needed. Back to Erica. I am taking her picture each week, even though she protests greatly, she will be thankful when she delivers this baby that someone took her picture. She is just as cute as she can be and is so excited. Both she and Blake talk about it all the time. I love how they put their heads together and whisper. So cute. I will have to look on to see what little sweet tater is next week. I'll keep y'all posted.

Bless Y'all


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