my babies

my babies

Friday, March 19, 2010

Finally Friday!!!!!

Hey Y'all,

It is finally Friday! And it is almost spring!!!! Spring is not my favorite season because it seems colder to me than any other time. But it is ushering in my fave...Summer. I really love summertime. Late nights sitting in the yard, lazy days by the pool, catching up on household chores, reading, gardening, canning vegetables...the whole time is just wonderful. It is never too hot for me. Never. This has been a very long week. The school kids are getting spring fever and are so tired of being cooped up in the classroom. They were just wild this whole week. Tomorrow is supposed to be very nice. Sunny and 75 degrees! Woo-Hoo!! I don't have any real plans this weekend. Working around the house. Working at the restaurant tonight and tomorrow night. Church on Sunday. The usual stuff. When it is sunny and warm it just makes work even nicer. Hope y'all have a great blessed week-end too!

Bless Y'all,


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Priscilla said...

It is snowing hard here in central Missouri...has been since this morning. Yesterday it was almost 60* and today it's like a blizzard outside. And this is supposed to be spring..? You make hot, humid summer almost sound appealing to me...and I am sooo not a summer person! ;-)