my babies

my babies

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Beauty from Ashes

Hey Y'all,

Here are a few pictures from last Thursday night. My baby girl is now a cantaloupe! I had Blake and Erica over for dinner Thursday night to celebrate our new little princess to be. My sweet parents came over and so did my niece Brittany. My girls and Brittany are more like sisters than cousins. They grew up together and played together every single day of their lives. I love her like one of very own.

The Sweet Parents of Princess Cantaloupe!

Erica and Brittany smiling away!!!

My first Princess!

I am so grateful and so overjoyed this week. God has brought true beauty from ashes into my life and He just keeps on transforming things. During quiet times I am alone and slipping into thoughts that could be so damaging and despairing I have felt Him whisper good things over me. Scripture comes to my mind that just bathes this wounded soul over and over. I asked God to please help me to keep my mind on the things of Him all the time. Even in my sleep. I wake up often and to my surprise (oh my unbelief!!!) many times I am hearing a praise song going in my head. God is just so Good. I have had no bad dreams or any real public breakdowns. I am not a fan of those. I know, I know.... . pride. I am working on it. I have had such wonderful friends and tremendous prayer support. Just when I am starting to lose it. A card will come in the mail. A sweet email will pop up. Or the phone will ring. El-Roi is watching. He is the God who sees. I pray He is turning your ashes into beauty too.

Bless Y'all,


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