my babies

my babies

Friday, February 12, 2010

Putting on my armour

Hey Y'all,

This has been the first full 5 day week of school that we have had since Christmas! We have either had a workday, holiday or a snowday. They are calling for more snow tonight and for Monday. Where is Global Warming when you need it??? I have been freezing for so long and the forecast is for cold, cold and more cold. I love summer more and more! The kids at school have been super crazy with today being not only "Valentime's" Day it was also the 100th day of school. Yeah! Eighty to go. My dear friend Tracy has been talking alot lately about how Satan is giving her a fit with one issue after the other. He is relentless. In talking to some other friends at work and around she is not alone. He is prowling around like a voracious lion all the time. All The Time!!! What does a lion look for whenever he hunts? He looks for the weak, the distracted, the injured and the young. This week in my Bible study it spoke on putting on the full armour of God. The Bible plainly asks us to daily put this on. Key word...daily. This gives us the impression that as the day goes on I am dropping it as I go. By the end of the day it has either all fell off or I have taken it off and laid it down. Each morning I need to put it back on and prepare to meet the lion that is stalking me. Sometimes he gobbles me up before I even get out of my own home but then on some days he only gets in a few bites and scratches. I try to watch for him and his evil, ugly attacks but it is hard. Really hard. Life is just hard. We are never promised an easy life with Christ but we are promised that He will never leave us and will fight the battles against the lions. In my study this week we were asked to examine generational strongholds and things that we pass on that keep us in bondage. I never really thought that through very deep until this week. I have heard it said many times, "Oh that is just the way she is, or he is just like the rest of his family." I am sure you have too. But that is a big fat lie that Satan wants us to believe. Hey, remember he isn't very smart but he uses what works and brother, does it ever work!! I can, with Gods' help, change the things that seem to pass through my own family. We need to be aware of what is at work around us. It says in 2 Corinthians 2:11 "In order that Satan might not outwit us. For we are not unaware of his schemes." He is out to tear us up and keep us bound. John 8:31-36 tells us that Christ sets the captive free through truth. John 8:44 Satan sets the free captive through lies. What am I allowing Satan to hold me captive to? What lies am I believing him for when I need to stand on the truth of Jesus in faith? It is so easy to believe the lies that the enemy heaps on easy. That is the operative word. Easy. How simple it is to believe the easy. How much harder it is to stand and believe on the truth of Christ in faith. We all want answers now. We want our answers like we want them too. But how then do we develop the fruit of the spirit? Do I want to be a shallow believer? With little or no fruit in my life? Let's keep looking towards the heavens with a stronger faith as we put on the full armour each day.

Bless Y'all,

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